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Cisco Brewers now has a “We’re Booze Guys” van, an old Volkswagon bus, with the words painted on the side. It’s used in Boston as a moveable billboard. You’ll likely see it here this summer.

Annye’s Whole Foods is about to begin a series of cooking classes and demonstrations over there on Amelia Drive. The first takes place Thursday, March 15, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, entitled “Cooking For Flavor”. Each class will be paired with hosted wine tastings from Boston Wine Company, 3 wines per course, selected to complement the foods. The classes are designed for cooks who want to go beyond standars receipes.

In this first class, you’ll compare the merits of basic cooking techniques (roasting, grilling, sautéing); learn new ideas for grilled fruits & veggies, cheeses, composed salads, jeweled grains or pilafs, and fancy vegetable stacks. You’ll do a roasted chicken blind tasting, and try a sautee of beef Provencal and compare it with an Italian version.

The classes are $45 each. Reservations are limited. Call 508-228-4554 or stop by Annye’s at 16 Amelia Drive.

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