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The Nantucket Night Sky

The Nantucket Sky in May 2008

The Nantucket Sky” is generously provided at the beginning of each month by the Maria Mitchell Observatory, 4 Vestal Street. Thank you to Executive Director Janet E. Schulte for proposing this idea, and to Astronomer Vladimir Strelnitski for the report.

(All times are given in Eastern Standard Time)

The Sun (for the first and last days of the month)

Sunrise: 5:37 am; 5:10 am

Sunset: 7:38 pm; 8:07 pm

The Moon

New Moon: May 5, 08:18 am

First Quarter: May 11, 11:47 pm

Full Moon: May 19, 10:11 pm

Last Quarter: May 27, 10:57 pm

Mercury: An unusually good opportunity to view this elusive planet with your unaided eyes in the first half of the month. Look for it in the western part of the sky after sunset. You can spot the bright planet as early as a half hour after sunset, rather high above the horizon, after which you will have less than an hour before the planet sets. In the second half of the month, it will be an excellent object for observations with binoculars; the planet will be closer to the Earth and thus larger in angular size, and, while moving closer and closer to the line connecting the Earth and the Sun, it will look more and more like a crescent.

Venus: Too close to the Sun to be observed

Mars: An evening object, in the south-western part of the sky, in Gemini (Castor and Pollux, two almost equally bright stars). It is farther and farther from the Earth, so its disk seen through a telescope or binoculars is relatively small, almost four times smaller than at its opposition.

Jupiter: A very bright morning object in Sagittarius. Rises after midnight and is seen higher and higher in the south-eastern part of the sky until sunrise.

Saturn: An all-night object. In the evening, it is seen high in the south, very close (Òhalf-fistÓ of an extended arm) to LeoÕs brightest star Regulus. Come to see this planet with its gorgeous rings and moons through our 8Ó Clark telescope at Loines Observatory, at any scheduled open night.


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Theatre Workshop of Nantucket Opening Night Party for ‘Doubt’

The Theatre Workshop’s Opening Night Party for “Doubt” took place on Thursday, April 17 at the Starlight Theatre. This is the last weekend to catch this play, getting very good reviews. Photographs here by Gene Mahon, assisted by Amanda Morgan.

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