Nantucket Small Friends Benefit

The Small Friends Spring Down the House benefit took place on April 26, Daffodil Weekend at the Chanticleer and the ‘Sconset Casino. Photos by Gene Mahon, assisted by Amanda Morgan.

Among the people we saw there were: Carol Stalp, Billie Olson, Julie Gammill, Gabriella Biro, Evelyn MacEachern, Nora Moncada, Robin Maming, Mike Ruby, Tara Stetina, Jill Yeagy, Laurie Richards, Steven Cheney, Alicia Labrie, Bruce Conlin, Aaron Norton, Matt MacEachern, Asta King, Chris Skehel, Bruce & Lisa Lawler, Lazaro Rosa, Nicole Rosa, Paige & Steve Blashfield, Donna Salvo, Chip Webster, Sara Boyce, Kate Merlini, Sheila Quarz, Beth English, JC Peverini, Michael & Laura Friedman, Barbara & Dick Holt, Liz Winship, Bess Clark, Kylie Mann, Mitch Blake, Michelle Whelan, Kara Gannon, John Egan, Jennifer Gery, Patrice Gallagher, Claudia Butler, Dylan Wallace, Kathy Butterworth, Jennifer Shepherd, Brenda Noll, Laura Steele, Bethany Oliver, Lillian & Angelo Debenedictos, Bob & SherryLynn Bates, Timothy McDonald, Patrice Gallagher, Robin Maming, Mai Lin Norton, Amanda Beard, Corey Glidden, and more that we missed recording.

The Nantucket Style Council has identified the following has exhibiting Original & Effortless Style:

And with Style Council’s Beth English, the best dressed of the evening:


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