Nantucket Acktoberfest 1

Acktoberfest took place on Sunday, October 5 at Cisco Brewery, with music by the Dusty 45’s, voted Seattle’s best band. Here are some of the people we saw there: Lee Jencks, Jocelyn Law, Jay Harmon, David McDougal, Stacey Fader, Adam Weldy, Andrew Capaull, Connor, Porter, & Anne Warren, Tim Madden, Johnny B, Chris Emery, David Halsted, Lauren Taylor, Beyer Gritzke, Adele & Sofia Yelverton, Jenny & Christopher Eskrett, Paul Palita Flynn, Andrew Sing, Rick James, Gillian Farrell, Lyssa Ladd, Susan Warner, Ciara Fritsch, Jill Yeagy, Jason & Julie Hower, George Smith, Donna Wexler, Tom Quarty, Ian Spencer, Jessie Moore, Mof Malt, Ben Normand, Jaclyn Zozach, Patty Rittmeier, Peter Landry, Bill Marasco, Venus Borden, Amy Pallenburg, Anita Stefanski, Stephanie Sproule, Magda Kaczmarczyh, Krysztof Rudnicki, Anne Marie Collins, Eve Messing, Christy Kickham, Melanie Hajjar, Willem McRobie, Courtney O’Neill, Linda Mason, Robert Sarkisian, Dinah Horner, Amanda Horn, Andy Buccino, V-voo Gonzalez, Stacey Fader and Stacey Little. Photographs by Gene Mahon assisted by Amanda Morgan.

Click on any photo to see more from this event or the archive of past events. For a high quality digital file you can use to make as many prints as you like, contact me. To order a copy of any photograph, click on the photo, then click on this event on the list on the left and find the ID number. Send an email with the photo number to me at

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