Catching Up with Nancy Thayer on Nantucket

Each week in this column, we’ll catch up with one of our island luminaries to see what they’ve been up to. Sometimes it will be in their own words, sometimes mine. This week the words come from island author Nancy Thayer.

Hi Gene,

This June my nineteenth novel, “Summer House”, will come out on Ballantine, and my last novel, “Moon Shell Beach”, will be published in a gorgeous paperback. I’m working on a novel to come out in 2010. Obviously these are all set in my favorite place – Nantucket.

At the end of April I’m going to speak at a Red Hat Society convention in Connecticut, which should be a lot of fun, and of course I’ll be talking there about my “Hot Flash Club” series. I also have a website (with a link to Mahon About Town!) and an online newsletter.

The most exciting thing in the past few years is that Charley and I became grandparents. We now have a grandson, Ellias, 2+, and a granddaughter, Adeline, almost 1. It’s bliss.

But wait! There’s more! My daughter Sam, who attended 4th through 8th grades here on the island (where she went by her first name, Jessica), is having her first novel published by Bantam Dell this summer. It’s called “This Little Mommy Stayed Home”, and it’s about a new mother with a clueless husband and it’s very funny. She’s working on her next novel under contract, “I’ll Take What She Has”, which will come out in 2010.

Thanks so much for asking! I hope you’ve had a good winter, too, and are ready for the another crazy summer.



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