Nantucket Cisco Brewers Party

Cisco Brewers presented an afternoon of music, including Billy Voss’s band playing the tunes of Bob Marley, and Allman Brothers cover band, The Peacheaters. Saturday, October 25 at the brewery. Photos by Gene Mahon, assisted by Amanda Morgan. Some of the people we saw there: Heidi & Jasper Haigh, Caitlin & Forrest Woodard, Becky & Charlotte Hudson, Alvaro Soares, Charlie Hoilman, Billy Voss, Baxter, Mary Manning, Rick Calcagnie (Peacheaters), Mary & Michael Torrisi, Dawn Fornari, Bugsy, Jeff & Denise Hatch, Todd Burns, Steve Cheney, Alisha Labrie, Jon & Angela Strom, Rich Brooks, Mike & Owen Wilson, Casey Boukus, Kyra Luna Boukus, Amy Manning & Griffin, Jay Harmon, JB Bennett (Peacheaters)m Jess Mulsonm Peter Brace, Sara Baumgartner, Pam Murphy, Zach Dusseau, Lee Jencks, Dan Gault, Charlie & Charlotte Hoilman, John Zaffino, Kathleen Keaveny, Marco Torrisi, Lillian Wullschleger, Meri Leopore, Kerry Decesare, Homer Ray Jr., Willem McRobie, and Bruce Beni.

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