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The Nantucket Historical Association (NHA) summer Walking Tours of the Old Historic District begin Monday – Saturday at 4:30 P.M, July 1 through August 31 (no tour on July 4). Each tour lasts eighty-minutes and departs from the Whaling Museum, 13 Broad Street. The tour is led by an NHA interpreter who discusses the timeline of Nantucket history from the glacial formation to the rise of whaling and its Golden Age (1830s), the Quaker religion, the women who owned and operated businesses on Centre Street (Petticoat Row), the island’s involvement in the abolitionist movement, the Great Fire of 1846, and Maria Mitchell and her discovery of a comet in 1847. The tour also addresses the rise and fall of the whaling industry – especially the way in which the island’s economy impacted the social and cultural development of Nantucket-the turn-of-the-century rise of tourism, and concludes with Nantucket’s current status as a world-class tourist destination. Free for NHA members, $10, adults, $4, children (ages 6-17), and available at the Whaling Museum admission desk. For more information, please call 508-228-1894, ext. 0.

From June 23 – June 27 and then again in late July, researchers from the University of Connecticut’s Center for Transportation and Urban Planning will fan out across the Island riding buses, traveling on bike paths, walking downtown streets, and riding the ferry to collect data about attitudes about public transportation on Nantucket.

The goal of the study is to better understand attitudes about the use of public transportation during the summer season, to identify and quantify the barriers that exist, and to develop a set of recommended strategies for increasing the use of public transit, with a particular focus on the bus system

The study is being funded by Greenhound, a transportation-focused project of ReMain Nantucket, the Island-based philanthropic organization dedicated to strengthening the lasting economic, environmental, and social vitality of downtown Nantucket.

Melissa Philbrick, Executive Director of ReMain Nantucket: “We want to understand what it will take to increase the use of public transportation. We hope to identify strategies to increase the visibility, viability and attractiveness of alternatives to cars, particularly in the summer when congestion and parking are a concern.”

Transit users, downtown business employees, and visitors will be surveyed, and date will be collected on the NRTA’s visibility, usability, comfort and safety.

Island residents can also fill out an online survey, sharing their thoughts, attitudes and recommendations about Nantucket transportation options later this summer. The final report will be available this fall.

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