Nantucket Film Fest Opening Night Party

The Nantucket Film Festival Opening Night Party took place at the Chanticleer immediatelyafter the opening film at the Casino, “Cold Souls”. Some of the people we saw there: Katherine Kay, Nancy Thayer, Mike and Charlotte Jehle, Jack & Anne Curlett, Hazel Fleming, Bill Frederick, Susan & Larry Levine, Susan & Howard Bloom, Jeniffer Blum, Anne Chaison, Jonathon Burkhart, Michael Kopko, Jesse & Billy Voss, Marietta Hale, Jessica Garner, Susan Galvani, Mark Hsu, Nancy Thayer, Melissa Murphy, Natalie Ciminero, Christine Malia, Jason Briggs, Ivey Day, Suzanne Lewis, Justin Levitas, Kirby Hosea, Brandon Rohwer, Lauren Hall, Jennifer DiMartino, Lisa Frazar, Paul Giamatti, Michael Kopko, Anna & John Shaw, Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, Elle Christy, Deanna Chandonnet, Scott Leonard, Christina Samone, Charlene Kelly, Jennifer Boysen, Rick James, Christina Dirossos, Josie Williams, Amy Bicikler, Hans Dalgaard, Kevin Flynn, Keith War, Melanie & Mike Hajjar, Cheryl Fudge, Gabriel Gould, Tom Scott, Kate Brosnan, Dagmar Klein, Dave Murphy, and Katie McGrath. Photos by Gene Mahon, assisted by Amanda Morgan. More photos online. See also Plum TV’s coverage of the opening night.

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