American Ireland Fund on Nantucket (1)

The American Ireland Fund annual event on Saturday, July 25 at the home of Bob and Laura Reynolds, this year honored former U.S. Ambassador to Portugal Elizabeth Frawley Bagley. Photos by Gene Mahon, assisted by Amanda Morgan. This is part 1 of the evening; part 2 to follow in a few days.

Some of the people we saw there: Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley and Smith Bagley, Melissa Murphy, Tim Dolon, Will Reynolds, Madison Caro-Leverich, Dr. Bob Arnot, Congreeman Bill Delahunt, Danielle DeBenedictis, Alexander More, Amy Houston, Stephanie Andrews, Pegeen Doran, Bernadette Butterfield, Nick Smith, Doug Donatelli, Steve Greeley, Jan Greeley, Megan Greeley, Kieran McLoughlin, Bob Reynolds, Michael O’Mara, Larry Glaslow, Loretta Brennan-Glucksman, Laura Reynolds, Michael Collins, Mary Conagnan Donatelli, Lisa & Jack Dunfey, Deborah Smith, Doug Donatelli, Nick Smith, Joe Mariani, John Hailer, Mike & Peggy Heffernan, Wendy & Mark McKenna, Bob Crowe, Sen. John Kerry, Patrice Cuddy, Gabriel Caggiano, Peter Emerson, Bob, Cheryl, & John Mahoney, Scott Knight, Steve Brackett, Bruce Percelay, Minou and Peter Palandjian, Jack Manning, Keith & Margaret Bergman, Kelly & Buck French, Stephani Roeder, Joe Scarborough, Bob Mooney, Janelle Ferry, Maureen Orth, Christopher Knight, Marianne and John Stanton, Brendan Carroll, Samantha Fisher, Mike Greeley, Frank McGrail, Betsy Stephens and Pat O’Brien, Kerry McKenney, Tara Cunningham, Laura Parker, Chris Kennedy, Chris and Kathleen Matthews, Kevin Flynn, Leslie King and Bart Grenier, Peter Karlson, Ben Barnes, Loretta Brennan-Glucksman, Kate Brosnan, Olivia and Felix Charney, Stephanie Rover, Kelly French, Bob Butler, George & Tiffany Cloutier, George Albrecht, Helena Austin, Jenifer Boyson, Rich Craddock, Patty Roggeveen, and Mike Barnicle.

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