Nantucket Headlines

Headlines from local publications, and links to the full story. Sources: Inquirer and Mirror, Nantucket Independent, PlumTV, Yesterday’s Island, Cape Cod Times, and other pertinent sources.

Swine-flu vaccine in short supply despite government promises (Inquirer and Mirror)

Two early nor’easters pound Nantucket with gusts to 54 mph (Nantucket Independent)

Pumpkins plus at McGowans’ organic farm (Inquirer and Mirror)

Public access television coming soon (Inquirer and Mirror)

No sign on water tower (Nantucket Independent)

Sherburne Commons saga winding to a close (Inquirer and Mirror)

SSA and TSA to test new technology (Nantucket Independent)

Annye’s natural-food store publishes cookbook for kids (Inquirer and Mirror)

With no winter stage for second year, Theatre Workshop struggles for space (Inquirer and Mirror)

Christine Sanford In The Studio (Nantucket Independent)

David Lazarus In The Studio (Nantucket Independent)

LaScola illustrates nose to tail cooking with Hogtoberfest (Inquirer and Mirror)

State Rep. Tim Madden Joins Chorus of Critics Over Draft Oceans Plans (MV Gazette)

Vern Laux: October skies full of surprises (Cape Cod Times)

Septic runoff threatens Hummock Pond (Nantucket Independent)

Native Americans and FAA holding up Cape Wind (Nantucket Independent)

Town looking at 50-MW wind farm off Tuckernuck Island (Nantucket Independent)

November gales boon for birders (Cape Cod Times)


Scallops open at $8 to fisherman, $12 retail (Inquirer and Mirror)

Nina Hellman to close Centre Street store; space will become candy and antiques shop (Inquirer and Mirror)

AG slams proposed electricity rate hike (Inquirer and Mirror)

Roggeveen will run for reelection to BOS in 2010 (Inquirer and Mirror)

Plum pulls the plug on filming Wed. night Selectmen’s meetings (Inquirer and Mirror)

Selectmen meetings to air on Ch. 17 (Nantucket Independent)

Jim Perelman says he will run for sheriff (Inquirer and Mirror)

Selectmen to discuss review of legal services (Nantucket Independent)

BOS postpone debate on access to documents (Inquirer and Mirror)

Landfill expenses hurting school budget (Inquirer and Mirror)

Nantucket asked to join offshore renewable energy team (Nantucket Independent)

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