Headlines 12.30.09

Headlines from local publications, and links to the full story. Sources: Inquirer and Mirror, Nantucket Independent, PlumTV, Yesterday’s Island, Cape Cod Times, and other pertinent sources.


Top Stories of 2009 from the Independent (Nantucket Independent)

First winter storm wallops the island (Inquirer and Mirror)

Dreamland plans missing historical elements (Nantucket Independent)

Louise Benoit (Nantucket Independent)

Vito Capizzo (Nantucket Independent)

Melinda Burns (Nantucket Independent)

Jennifer Chadwick (Nantucket Independent)

Connor Gifford (Nantucket Independent)

Jeff Mercer (Nantucket Independent)

Angela Paterson (Nantucket Independent)

Malachy Rice (Nantucket Independent)

Dorrit Hoffleit and Vladimir Strelnitski (Nantucket Independent)

Wendy Schmidt (Nantucket Independent)

Claire Murray moving to new island location (Nantucket Independent)

State approves National Grid, Cape Wind plan (Inquirer and Mirror)

110th Christmas Bird Count (Nantucket Independent)

Rules would stop ferries dumping sewage in Sound (Cape Cod Times)

Schools eliminating student-services post

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