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“Glee” National Auditions

The executive producers of the television show “Glee” are casting for three new roles that will be added to the show’s second season. Auditions are open to professional and amateurs between 16 – 26 years old. Auditions may be submitted online. Additional details to be announced soon. Sign up for the “Glee” newsletter and to receive details about the casting call.

Peter Foulger Gallery Spring Exhibition

This year’s spring exhibition at the Peter Foulger Gallery of the Whaling Museum is entitled “Gift of the Whale: The Iñupiat Bowhead Hunt, a Sacred Tradition”.

The Iñupiat Eskimos have lived and hunted in the Arctic region of Alaska for 5,000 years. The bowhead whale is an important source of food, building materials, barter goods, art, legends, and cultural identity. The annual hunt takes place under the strict supervision of federal and state agencies. The exhibition will feature the photography of Bill Hess, who documented the bowhead hunt in his book “Gift of the Whale: The Iñupiat Bowhead Hunt, a Sacred Tradition”. With patience and openness, Hess earned the trust of the Iñupiat community, and was invited to document the hunt. This is a glimpse into a contemporary society that depends for its survival on the hunting of whales, not unlike the island of Nantucket at the height of the Golden Age of whaling.

The exhibition will also include the documentary film, “The Eskimo and the Whale”; an Eskimo kayak and Arctic carvings in ivory from the NHA collections; Iñupiat music; speakers and presenters Bill Hess, Robert Hellman, Bill Tramposch, Ben Simons, and an Iñupiat whaling captain. In April, wooden-boat builder Corey Freedman will build a traditional Umiak under a tent on the Museum’s side lawn.

The exhibition runs from Saturday, March 27 through June 13, 2010.

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