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Nantucket: Where Are You Now?

Earlier in the week, we sent out a query: “Where are you now?” Nantucketers have always been known for traveling far and wide, and February is the time when most of us get off the island. We wanted to know where you were, and the following maps answer that question.

Some of the more interesting comments in the responses:

  • No need to ask, they’re all in the Keys.
  • would rather be on Nantucket
  • Keene, NH & New Bedford, MA. Exciting, huh?
  • On the beach in Stuart, Fl Not missing the snow
  • Enjoying the M. A. T. emails from the Nob Hill area of Portland, Or
  • in Provence! sorry to be missing that Wed. storm
  • In the middle of no where, Abadania an hour or so south-west of Brasilia
  • A small town inside an extinct volcano two hours west of Panama City, Panama on the Pacific coast
  • In OH waiting to get dumped on again. 2 feet on Friday and 2 more to come tomorrow – what was I thinking?
  • Charlottesville, VA – believe what you read and hear about Friday’s storm!
  • Hoi An, Vietnam! cool experiment Gene!
  • New Orleans, La. There is a lot of excitement here due to the Saints’ victory, the new mayor, and the Mardi Gras season.
  • We’re in Vero Beach, FL – along with a lot of other Nantucketers!
  • Freezing in Sarasota, FL!!!!
  • Heading to Reykjavik, Iceland tomorrow. Not much snow here.
  • Can’t WAIT to see the map w/ all the Nantucketers that travel the globe! I’ll never forget meeting an elderly couple who turned out to be fellow islanders at baggage claim in Orly, Paris back in the 90’s. And do you remember Cary’s summer slide show with the story of the woman in Greece carrying an ACKbasket./purse and the narrator asked her if she was from Nantucket……and her reply was “My dear I”M FROM S’CONSET!” Ha

Where Are You Now 2

Nantucket Teen Coffee House

The Nantucket Dreamland Foundation and The Rose & Crown have teamed up to present the Winter Coffeehouse for music by island students and bands. It’s free and open to all ages; donations to rebuild the Dreamland Theater will be accepted. The coffeehouse will run Sundays through March except for school vacation – the next one is this Sunday from 5 to 7 pm, featuring Lianna Harrington, Alden Lenhart, Georgie Morley, Will Lendway, Sarah Andrews, Jono Gould, Mattias Maltby, with Jason Sullivan and Sheri Cseley. The following photos by Gene Mahon are from the January 31 concert.

Click on any photo to see more photos from this event or an archive of past events. For a high quality digital file you can use to make as many prints as you like, contact us. To order a copy of any photograph, click on the photo, then click on this event on the list on the left and find the ID number. Send an email with the photo number to us at gene@mahonabouttown.com.

Teen Coffee House 2