Nantucket Headlines

Headlines from local publications, and links to the full story. Sources: Inquirer and Mirror, Nantucket Independent, PlumTV, Yesterday’s Island, Cape Cod Times, and other pertinent sources.


Memorial for Jon Hemingway, lost at sea (Nantucket Independent)

Veterans cancel Memorial Day parade (Inquirer and Mirror)

Goodman’s Gam: Join the Conversation (Inquirer and Mirror)


Searching for George Gibbs: TWN needs lead role filled (Inquirer and Mirror)

New murals installed at American Seasons (Inquirer and Mirror)

Joni Amaral In The Studio (Nantucket Independent)

Amy Ormond on Katie Trinkle Legge

Selectmen approve Cisco Brewery’s entertainment license (Inquirer and Mirror)

Island valuation drops 3 percent (Inquirer and Mirror)

Scallop season ends (Nantucket Independent)


Smith’s Point Cottage falls in Atlantic (Nantucket Independent)

SmithÕs Point at ground zero for island erosion (Nantucket Independent)

Blow dealt to Cape Wind project (Cape Cod Online)

Shellfish Management Plan hatched (Nantucket Independent)

Town planning weather data collection tower on Muskeget (Nantucket Independent)

Collecting gems in the avian world (Cape Cod Online)

Stormy March slows avian migration

Birds : Look, listen, and learn


Town Meeting opens Monday (Inquirer and Mirror)

Town Meeting moderator offers view on 2010 session

Five run for two seats on Board of Selectmen (Nantucket Independent)

Housing Bank Home Rule Petition faces uphill battle; town officials say let it drop
(Nantucket Independent)

Selectmen rescind votes on human services (Inquirer and Mirror)

Schools opting for experience in two finalists for super slot (Inquirer and Mirror)

Mimi Beman, gone at 62 (Inquirer and Mirror)

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