Dumpster Chronicles 4: A Whimsical and Irreverent Guide to Nantucket, Being Part 4


Island Weather – or not

The seasons on the island can be, without a doubt, doubtful.

Let’s get winter out of the way to start. It gets going around the end of August and lasts well into the following June when spring trips in for a twenty four hour visit before giving way to summer which carries temperatures well above freezing until the 21st of August when the falling leaves from the deciduous trees start to clog up the public drainage system. We then get a glimpse of the golden days of fall before they are edged out by the onset of our winter.

That’s about it.

Nantucketers are keen observers of weather. After all, their livelihood depends on it. All you need is some fool on the TV to predict “50% chance of rain and high winds with heavy seas and higher than usual tides for the coming weekend” and the shopkeepers are up the creek without a paddle. (Come to think, why the pessimism?; why not 50% chance of fair skies?) Anyhow, no tourists; no business.

Quite frequently you can come upon business owners gathered at the benches on Main Street in July, wringing their hands and bemoaning the wretched run of weather. Being a resident of the island, one comes to accept it as part of it’s rich tapestry. We are hardy souls, and it takes more than a little bad weather to dampen our spirits. The bars are all doing blockbuster business and the sales of sweat shirts and foul weather gear do brisk trade.

To be continued . . .

Kerry Hallam was born and raised in the North of England. He was elected to the Royal Society of Artists and later established his first studio in the South of France. Kerry has lived and painted on the island for the past thirty years. He is represented internationally by Chalk and Vermilion of Greenwich, and has held extensive one man shows in the States, Japan, France and the U.K. His autobiography ‘Getting to Nantucket’ was recently published, and in the past few years, he has issued seven C.D.’s of own written and performed music. All illustrations are by Kerry Hallam. This column will appear regularly.

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