Nantucket Community News

Aviation Camp

The 4th Annual Aviation Career Education (ACE) Camp will run from Monday, June 28th through Friday, July 2nd, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at Nantucket High School and Nantucket Memorial Airport. The camp is open to any middle and high school students with an interest in aviation, airport management, aeronautics, science, exploration and fun. Tuition is $295. Brochures, applications and recommendation forms are available at the NHS or CPS Guidance Offices or More information from the Airport’s Camp Liaison, Jack Wheeler, at 508-325-5300. Read the complete press release here.

Kerry Flynn in Vietnam
Nantucket resident Kerry Flynn is currently serving as a long-term volunteer in Vietnam, working with orphans and disabled children and adults as part of the New Zealand-based Vietnam orphanage program of Global Volunteers Network. She wants more of her friends and neighbors to come to Vietnam to join her in this work. See the Nantucket Independent story of Kerry’s life-changing experience.

The Global Volunteer Network is launching a Youth Tour this summer, which offers teens (15-17) the chance to take part in the Vietnam Orphanage program. It give teens the opportunity to immerse themselves in a developing country, experience another culture, and become involved in volunteering and fundraising No particular skills are needed; just a desire to open your heart and help a worthy cause.”It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and feel that many would feel the same way,” Kerry said. You can email Kerry at

Maria Mitchell Association Wins Presidential Award for Excellence
On Wednesday, January 6th, the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring was awarded, among 23 others, to the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association, in recognition of its exemplary 52 year-old undergraduate research program in astronomy, founded by MMA’s Dr. Dorrit Hoffleit in 1957. It was Director of Astronomy Dr. Vladimir Strelnitski’s 12-year leadership and mentoring of the program brought it to where it is today, and Dr. Strelnitski accepted the award.

Photo provided by the Maria Mitchell Association

The program mentors undergraduates, especially women, and is recognized as one of the best in the country. The MMA receives 90-100 applications each year for the six available REU positions. About 5% of all women holding PhD’s in astronomy attended the astronomy program at the Maria Mitchell Association.

Local Eggs

Eggs from locally grown chickens are available from Simon Edwards at 508-228-6602, and at
Moors End Farm, 508-228-2674.

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