Honorary Mayor of Nantucket

Want to be the (Honorary) Mayor of Nantucket?

Anyone can register to become a candidate for the office of Honorary Mayor of Nantucket for $25 at www.NantucketMayor.com, or visit the Chamber offices upstairs at Zero Main Street.

Then, beginning on April 22, encourage your friends and neighbors to vote for you online, also at
www.NantucketMayor.com. Each vote costs $5, and all proceeds benefit the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce. The campaign is meant to be lighthearted fun, while at the same time raising money for the Chamber to promote Nantucket around the country as a premier tourist destination.

Voters are encouraged to vote early and often, and you can vote for yourself as often as you like. Credit cards will be accepted.

After April 22 at the Mayor of Nantucket website you’ll be able to see the tally for all candidates, and see where you rank in the standings. Encourage your constituents to vote for you through your email address book and Facebook. Take out ads in island newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, and of course here on Mahon About Town, where you’ll receive a 10% discount on all “political” ads for Mayor.

NantucketMayor.com will display the names and photos of all candidates, listing the number of votes each candidate has received, which will be tallied instantly whenever a vote is cast online. Paper ballots, available both at the Chamber offices upstairs at Zero Main Street and online at http://www.NantucketMayor.com , will be entered as soon as possible after submission.

The voting tally on the website will go dark on August 6th, although voting will continue until August 13th – you just won’t know what place you’re in. During the week of August 16th, the winner and runner-up will be announced at a special Chamber gathering, and the Honorary Mayor will be inaugurated for a period of one year.

A headshot is recommended, and candidates may also include a paragraph on their platform, campaign slogan, or bio. To be eligible, a candidate must be a living person over the age of 18, and must “nominate” either himself or herself. You cannot nominate another person.

The Honorary Mayor will be expected to participate in Chamber-sponsored island events such as the Stroll and Daffodil Weekend.

Nantucket has never had a mayor — day-to-day operations are handled by a Board of Selectmen and a Town Manager, with an annual Town Meeting to approve budgets and vote on legislation.

Paid ad space for island businesses will be available on the Mayor website, although candidate’s ads will not be accepted. For advertising information, call the Chamber office at 508-228-1700, stop by their office upstairs at Zero Main Street, or the send an email to pr@nantucketchamber.org.

Look for more announcements coming soon. Start thinking about your campaign slogan and your mayoral photograph, and nominate yourself now at www.NantucketMayor.com.

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