Nantucket Restaurant News

Restaurant Openings

* American Seasons: April 1
* Boarding House: April 2
* Black-Eyed Susan’s: April 7
* Oran Mor: April 22
* Something Natural: Daffodil Weekend

* Corazon del Mar: May 5
* Topper’s: May 18


Anna Worgess (at right, and that is a wig) will take up residence for the season behind the bar at Dune beginning the first week of May, joining Amanda Morgan. Anna was formerly with Fifty-Six Union, and left the island in December with plans uncertain. I caught up Anna recently. Here’s what she said.

“I miss serving espresso ‘tinis to the faithful, you know?”

In answer to “What have you learned in the real world since you’ve been gone: “I learned that Pileated Woodpeckers are monogamous creatures. That no one looks that sexy in long underwear. That Lake Michigan is the most beautiful shade of cobalt blue in the early spring. That some people living in Northern Michigan really still do utter the word, “Eh” — That I am not meant to be one of them. That Nantucketers really are the most supportive, loyal customers a person could ever beg, borrow, and/or steal. And, finally, that I missed meeting my friends at Kitty’s in the middle of February, the entire air smelling of wood smoke, and then enjoying a cocktail, or maybe two.”

And what did she do all winter? “I had the sort of Thoreauvian experience I’d been craving — I read books, went vegetarian for a month (except for bacon!), and drank some fabulous local wine. I also had some great outdoor adventures, including an abominable attempt at downhill skiing.”

Any new tattoos? “None that I will admit to publicly.”

Any new drink specialties? “I have been working on a watermelon margarita, where I actually macerate watermelon chunks in tequila and then freeze them, eventually using the frozen cubes as ice in the margarita. I have been attempting to make a lavender syrup to use in champagne cocktail, but, so far, my ratios have been all messed up, and the drink tastes like a Yankee Candle. And, lately, I’ve been thinking of using Fernet, and making a drink I plan to call the “F-Bomb.”

Anything else your adoring public would want to know? “I missed you!”

In other Dune news:

Dune now has a year-round pouring license. After starting out on the floor with a hired chef, owner Michael Getter has decided that the kitchen is where he’ll be this year and for the foreseeable future. Doesn’t mean he won’t pop out from time to time. The menu will change every 6 to 8 weeks, always with nightly special. Look for the patio bar opening on Memorial Day Weekend.

American Seasons

Michael LaScala was once again nominated for the James Beard Award for Best Chef-Northeast this year.

The spring menu will offer Nantucket-raised lamb, and the summer menu will list dishes with fresh produce from small local farmers grown exclusively for Seasons. The small plate menu has been revised and will be available Sunday through Thursday in the dining room and all week at the bar.

Owners Orla Murphy and Michael are just back from Cali where they picked up some new small production wines that will be added to the summer wine list.

American Seasons opens for the season on April 1. Look for artist Kevin Paulson’s newly updated wall murals, and the extensive article on Kevin in this week’s I&M.

Boarding House
At The Boarding House, opening on Friday, April 2, Easter Brunch will be served on Sunday, April 4th.

The first event of the season will be a Sicilian Wine Dinner featuring wines and cuisine from Chef de Cuisine Erin Zircher who spent time in Sicily this winter. 4 courses for $55 includes the wine.

Throughout the season, the BoHo’s menu will include dishes inspired by Erin’s travels.

The bartending team is back: Tom Heiser, Tom Crawford, and Bill Farley.

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