Nantucket Headlines 4.20.10

Headlines from local publications, and links to the full story. Sources: Inquirer and Mirror, Nantucket Independent, PlumTV, Yesterday’s Island, Cape Cod Times, and other pertinent sources.

Goodman’s Gam (Inquirer and Mirror)

Off Shore Art In The Studio (Nantucket Independent)


Cap’n Tobey’s Straight Wharf chowder house up for sale (Inquirer and Mirror)

Extended scallop season pays off (Inquirer and Mirror)

Future of commercial scalloping pretty grim through a scalloper’s eyes (Inquirer and Mirror)

Shreve, Crump & Low opening on Main Street (Inquirer and Mirror)

West End restaurant to become Millie’s (Nantucket Independent)

Illegal pond opening attempt discovered (Inquirer and Mirror)

Well-traveled osprey wings his way home (Inquirer and Mirror)

Hummock Pond’s beauty is only skin-deep (Nantucket Independent)

Nantucket prepares for severe red tide outbreak (Nantucket Independent)

ANNUAL TOWN ELECTION 2010: Roggeveen, Willauer win selectman seats (Inquirer and Mirror)

Housing Bank bill dies at ATM (Nantucket Independent)

Fertilizer ban diluted, Surfside density boosted (Nantucket Independent)

Overhaul of state’s economic plan includes Nantucket

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