First Drink at 21 Federal Nantucket

There’s a tradition at 21 Federal, a simple act that has taken place for umpteen years on the day that 21 opens for the season. Eric McKechnie is served the first drink. I think at least one year there was a ribbon cutting ceremony, maybe using borrowed yellow police crime scene tape, but I won’t swear to the truth of that.


This year, Eric was off island for opening day. Not to jinx the entire year, Johnny B searched far and wide for a suitable replacement who would accept the responsibility for a one year only contract, leaving it open for Eric to return to his hallowed position in 2011. I’m guessing that after some puzzled or mocking looks from the first string of candidates, I was the next guy Johnny ran into. I said yes, not wanting it on me if 21 did not have a great season.

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