Nantucket Headlines 7.9.10

Headlines from local publications, and links to the full story. Sources: Inquirer and Mirror, Nantucket Independent, PlumTV, Yesterday’s Island, Cape Cod Times, and other pertinent sources.


Police criticized for beach closings, but 2009 repeat avoided by department’s moves on Fourth of July (Inquirer and Mirror)

Nantucket’s Nobadeer Beach spared drunken crowds (Nantucket Independent)

Great Point again closed to vehicles (Inquirer and Mirror)

Tick-borne disease conference summary (Cape Cod Online)


Frederick Gregory: Breaking barriers on Earth and beyond (Inquirer and Mirror)

Town clerk Catherine Stover becomes a Giraffe (Nantucket Independent)

Elaine Mooney Working Nantucket: Holidays at the SSA all about the energy (Inquirer and Mirror)


Audience joins in on “Spelling Bee” (Nantucket Independent)

One-man show channels abolitionist Frederick Douglass (Inquirer and Mirror)

Musical Arts Society brings Joel Fan to perform (Nantucket Independent)

Nonprofits collaborate to bring Frederick Douglass performance (Nantucket Independent)

Artists Association begins new Wednesday programs (Nantucket Independent)

AAN artist demonstrations and one-day Portable Studio exhibitions (Yesterday’s Island)

1800 House hosts crewel instructor Edith Bouriez (Nantucket Independent)

After slow June, island business booms (Inquirer and Mirror)

Sherburne Commons officials look at adding Island Home and ACDC (Nantucket Independent)

Couple opens Create, a new art supply store (Nantucket Independent)


56 Union
(Yesterday’s Island)


High heat drives up water usage to near-record levels (Inquirer and Mirror)

Coast Guard retracts shark alert for Cape and Islands (Inquirer and Mirror)

Great Point again closed to vehicles (Inquirer and Mirror)

Tick committee proposes expanded deer hunt (Nantucket Independent)

NHA opens “Sometimes Think of Me” (Nantucket Independent)

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