The Green

Nouveau Nantucket

Go Green!

By Holly Finigan

Jenny Bence is giving the Nantucket community another reason to “Go Green”. The Nantucket native spent the last decade as a decorative painter and private chef. After a very impulsive decision this past March, Jenny gathered her talents and began her own all organic food take-out at 5 West Creek Road (formerly Blue Water Bakery).

The space has been completely revamped into a large open kitchen with a side room to sit and snack and read the paper. (The New York Times, Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal are available daily.) The flat screen television airs the latest from CNN and ESPN. And you can connect your laptop to the free WiFi.

The Green is a huge hit with the gamut of Nantucketers, from construction workers coming in for Jenny’s massively satisfying burritos, to Pilates instructors in for their daily Wheatgrass shot, and children of all ages enjoying the fresh everything of JennyÕs design your own juices.

The Green has taken off since its May 15th opening. The lines have at times been out the door for the clean green style of food that Jenny is now known for. Jenny wanted to start off slowly to get the business right, but quickly realized that the demand for everything ÒGreenÓ was more overwhelming than she had once thought. But with the wonderful help of her best friend and dedicated manager, Kamila Olszewska (pictured at left with Jenny), and her friendly and knowledgeable staff, The Green is well supplied with great employees and smiling faces. Add off-street parking and enough healthy food choices to satisfy even the strictest eaters, there are many reasons to check out JennyÕs spot.

HereÕs a few more . . .

Breakfast is so the most important meal of the day. Enjoy it with one of JennyÕs breakfast burritos stuffed with farm fresh herb egg whites, Mexican crema and her special slow cooked black beans.

Need a jolt? The Fair Trade Organic coffee that Jenny gets from Maine is exclusive to The Green. Enjoy a pick-me-up from flavors like Big House, Sumatra and French Roast.

Jenny has also filled the bagel void left after the closing of the Nantucket Bagel Company and Blue Water Bakery. Her Òfla-galsÓ (flat bagels) are flown in from New York. Hand rolled and not nearly as doughy as most bagels tend to be, JennyÕs fla-gals make the perfect breakfast sandwich and pair very well with her organic regular and veggie cream cheeses.

Picky about what you put in your smoothie? Lucky for you, Jenny and her staff let you make-your-own with fresh ingredients such as strawberries, bananas, raspberries, acai, agave nectar, almond milk, and whey protein, just to name a few.

Whether you go to The Green to support the concept of buying local, or if you go because you know Jenny is doing her best to do well by the environment, or just because you canÕt get enough of her nutritious and delicious goods, The Green is truly a great place to eat this season.

Holly Finigan has been living seasonally in Nantucket for the last six years. The 26-year-old graduate of the University of New Hampshire has spent her winters in the Caribbean, New Zealand, and Maui, and Argentina. She tells people she was a monk in her former life. You can find Holly slinging drinks at Corazon del Mar. Check out her popular blog “the blACKbook” at, or email Holly at

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