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“Naughty In Nantucket” Reality Show

CBS is shooting a pilot sometime before November 6 entitled “Naughty in Nantucket”, with auditions in NYC tomorrow, Friday, October 7. The location is listed as Nantucket, although as of today, the Town has not received any permit application or notification to shoot the show.

I found the description of the characters interesting. Let me know who on island you think could play any of the parts. I’ll compile the names and present in a future issue.

Football Player: Male | Age: 20 – 28

One of the residents at the “Surfside” house. He’s the twenty-four year old ex-football player who’s still hoping to pursue his NFL career. He constantly works out to stay in shape by running the beaches of Nantucket to his hard-core military routines to stay buff. He’s an alpha-male who sets the order of the house. He’s intelligent and attractive. With his charming smile, he steals the hearts of the opposite sex, twenty-year olds to forty-year old women without knowing it. Very Athletic: Charming: Smile that takes people by surprise. Single: Enjoys having fun: Bartender: Appearance of a professional ball player. NFL Football aspirations: Can be another sport. Beach Ready and HOT!

Musician: Male | Age: 20 – 28

Childhood friend and co-resident at the Surfside house. He’s a songwriter and incredible unknown musical talent that performs on-island…the undiscovered John Mayer. He falls in love on first sight. He is a romantic who gets his heart broken. Loves to write songs about the girls he’s in love with. Will be able to sing Rock and current Pop music. Very Musical, Charming: Guitar or Piano Player. Single: Enjoys having fun: Bartender: Appearance of a professional ball player. NFL Football aspirations: Can be another sport. Can sing all types of music and write songs. Attractive and/or Interesting: Surfer type look

Mother: Female | Age: 35 – 49

A beautiful and sexy 40 year-old who married well and divorced better. She’s financially set and is always looking to play. She loves to party whether it’s with the social elites or the twenty-something crowd at the Chicken Box. She parties with her twenty-two year old daughter-whether she likes it or not. They love to shop, play tennis, flirt with the bartenders at the trendy places, and love to be the hit of the party. Fashionable: Likes to be Center of Attention: Single or Divorced: Enjoys having fun: Parties with daughter enjoys clubbing: Looks younger than her age. Like older and younger men.

Daughter: Female | Age: 18 – 28

Knockout gorgeous twenty-two year old that has to contend with a mother who never wants to grow up. They compete for the attention of the tennis pro or golf pro, and who looks best in their clothes. They fight over accessories, shoes, and lovers…Very Attractive: Fashionable: Likes to be Center of Attention: Single: Enjoys having fun: Parties with Mother enjoys clubbing: Paris Hilton-like but smarter and wants to marry for love not money-but money is important. Beach-ready and HOT!

Bartender: Female | Caucasian | Age: 20 – 28

Surfside resident and Federal Bartender, sexy Irish redhead who melts the hearts of all who meet her. Erin is the life of the party…has an amazing ability to make all that meet her fall in love with her, remembers everyone’s name and makes you feel like she is your best friend. She’s inclusive and has this innate ability to make you feel important and loved by her. Loves to get everyone going in a sing along…will dance on the bar and get everyone hopping. No one wants to leave when Erin is around. She has the ear of the island. Very Sexy Irish in Appearance: Charming: Smile that takes people by surprise. Sings: Enjoys having fun: Bartender: Life of the Bar. Knows wine and can handle a active bar. Men are drawn to her of all ages. Must Have a strong vocal ability. Can play an musical instrument. Piano or Guitar.

Personal Shopper: Female | Age: 20 – 28

Surfside resident. Works at the Eye of the Needle clothing boutique in downtown Nantucket as a personal shopper, she has an insider access to the magnificent homes of the affluent women of Nantucket . She has a great eye for fashion and is an aspiring fashion designer who’s come to Nantucket to save money to pay for her tuition at FIT in Manhattan. New Yorker in Appearance: Charming: Smile that takes people by surprise. Level headed: Career Driven: Her best Friend is Erin the Irish Bartender. She will not openly jealous but can’t compete with a pure beauty: But would turn heads on her own.

Email me your suggestions for Nantucketers to play the various parts.

By the way, if you want to audition for any of the parts, you can find info here.