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We’re in the final stretch of fundraising for the 2011 Independence Day Nantucket Fireworks. To date we have raised about 75% of the $50,000 that is needed, but unless we can raise the rest before the Febraury 16 meeting of the Board of Selectmen, there may be no fireworks. This is a combined effort of Nantucket Visitor Services and the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce.

There are two ways to donate – as a business or an individual. Please see the appeal letter and information on business sponsorships below.

Please consider making a donation – no amount is too small. And please forward this newsletter to as many of your friends as possible. Time is running out.

Thank you.

No 4th of July Fireworks on Nantucket?

No 4th of July Fireworks on Nantucket?

As we wrote you last month, we need your help fund the 2011 Fourth of July fireworks. If  you have already donated, we appreciate it, and if not, we hope you will still make a contribution. But there’s another way you can help!

If you have an email list of your friends and customers, please consider sending a fireworks appeal letter to your entire list as soon as you can. You can copy the letter below and paste it into the body of your email. In most cases, all the graphics will show up. If you use Constant Contact, you may only be able to paste the actual text and not the graphics, but that’s ok too. You can write an introduction to the appeal, or you can rewrite the sample appeal letter in your own words.

You can also share it on your favorite social networking sites (share buttons at top of page) and help spread the word that every little bit helps!

Your support will help this fund-raising effort succeed! Donations are needed by February 11, 2011 to contract the fireworks for next Independence Day.  Charges to credit cards won’t be made and checks won’t be cashed unless and until the full amount needed is in hand. Thank you in advance for your assistance and generosity!


As another joyous holiday season on island winds to a close, imagine Nantucket’s Main Street without its colorful, lighted Christmas trees. Try to imagine next April without daffodils brightening our yards and roadways.


Think of how dark and empty Jetties Beach would be next Fourth of July without fireworks lighting up the nighttime sky.


These are all beloved Nantucket traditions, but in these tough economic times the Fourth of July fireworks are in jeopardy.


Nantucket’s brilliant Independence Day fireworks produced since 1993 by Nantucket Visitor Services – have been funded through Visitor Services’ share of the room occupancy tax and the Cape and Islands license plate fund. This year, taxes are down and license plate funds are not available.   


Without your generous help soon, Nantucket might be forced to do without fireworks for next year and years to come.


You probably take your kids to Jetties Beach on the Fourth of July. Maybe your parents and grandparents have enjoyed our annual fireworks at the beach. Yet, the loss of our public fireworks display in July would diminish more than our cherished memories and summertime fun. The event also boosts our vital tourism economy, with visitors to the Island eagerly anticipating our fireworks display along with the rest of us.


To set off this pyrotechnics show for the July 4th holiday on Nantucket costs at least $50,000. The actual display is $35,000, which includes the trained pyro-technicians. A barge must be used to protect endangered bird species. Portable toilets are needed for the comfort of spectators. Security is required.


Visitors Services sells t-shirts and has previously solicited donations to help out. But with the loss of the usual primary funding sources, the need for additional monies is essential. And it’s immediate.


A contract to schedule next year’s July 4th fireworks display must be signed by mid-February. This year’s budget should once again total around $50,000, or just a bit more.


Nantucket Visitor Services and the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce have joined in this effort to save our fireworks. They’re keeping costs minimal for this appeal by using volunteers and low-cost distribution, mostly via emails. Additionally, Visitor Services raised about $7,000 from t-shirt sales earlier this year, and an anonymous donor has pledged another $10,000 for the 2011 fireworks. That is still far short of the money needed to once again light up Nantucket’s July 4th night sky with beautiful, bright colors for everyone’s delight.


Won’t you help keep this memorable summertime Nantucket tradition alive?  No amount is too small, but we need your donation by February 11, 2011 in order to sign the contract by mid-February. Funds received beyond this year’s costs will be set aside for future years. With your help, children of all ages will once again shout “oohs” and “ahhhs” on the summer night of July 4th at Jetties Beach. Thanks very much for your considerate help in preserving this beloved Nantucket tradition.


If you have questions or suggestions to help us, please contact Kate Hamilton at Visitors Services, 508-228-0925, Lawrel Strauch Spera at the Chamber, 508-228-1700, or Gene Mahon at





The Fireworks Committee


P.S. Please forward this email message to as many of your colleagues, friends and family as possible. Your generosity will help this effort to succeed; purchasing a t-shirt at Visitor Services on Federal Street will help as well. Charges to your card won’t be made and checks won’t be cashed until the full amount needed is in hand. Please fill out the form that follows and include it with your payment. Thank you. 


Check or credit card (MC, V, AX) donations can be made through:


Click above for a printable pdf.

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