Nantucket Headlines

Headlines from local publications, and links to the full story. Sources: Inquirer and Mirror, PlumTV, Yesterday’s Island, Cape Cod Times, and other pertinent sources.


  • Mid-island market plan gaining momentum | Inquirer and Mirror
  • The Cobbletones singers shut down by cops | Inquirer and Mirror
  • The Nantucket Garden Festival | Plum TV
    Amy Pallenberg on the third annual Nantucket Garden Festival which benefits the Lighthouse School.

  • Triathlon time-change causes concerns | Inquirer and Mirror


  • Methodist Church welcomes new minister on Centre Street | Inquirer and Mirror


  • Goodman’s Gam | Inquirer and Mirror
    Screaming children, herbicides, whale tail, Pearl aquarium, races.


  • On Point: Atheneum brings best of ballet to island | Inquirer and Mirror
  • Funny ladies kick off Comedy Festival | Inquirer and Mirror
  • Nantucket Comedy Festival | Yesterday’s Island
  • Design and Art at the NHA | Yesterday’s Island
  • Peter Pan | Yesterday’s Island
  • The Nantucket Dance Festival | Plum TV
    Nantucket Atheneum’s Director Molly Anderson on this year’s Nantucket Dance Festival.

  • Comedians Anne Meara & Jerry Stiller | Plum TV
    On their latest projects and their plans for their summer on Nantucket.

  • My Hamlet: Actor Mike O’Malley | Plum TV
    His favorite places on the island
  • Classical music alive and well on Nantucket | Inquirer and Mirror


  • Serenella | Yesterday’s Island
  • Officials eye pumping up gas tax | Boston Herald


  • Chinese food returns to island | Inquirer and Mirror
  • Rose & Crown | Yesterday’s Island
  • Lighter Fare | Yesterday’s Island


  • Authorities seek suspect who tried to cut off whale’s tail | Inquirer and Mirror
  • On The Waterfront: Trouble for island’s marine life | Inquirer and Mirror
  • The Short, Sad Life of a Humpback Whale Calf | Yesterday’s Island
  • Comeback of Gray Seals a problem for some | Inquirer and Mirror
  • Ship’s remains give peek at past | Boston Globe
  • State awards electric vehicle charging stations to 25 cities and towns (including Nantucket) across the Commonwealth | Cape Cod Today
  • Scott Brown seeks to hike fines for killing seals | Cape Cod Times
  • At epic wreck of the Andrea Doris, another victim | Boston Globe


  • Records reveal questionable bidding practices at airport
    | Inquirer and Mirror

  • Airport Commission chairman issues statement on I&M story, airport bidding | Inquirer and Mirror
  • Unpaid airport bills could force Special Town Meeting in fall | Inquirer and Mirror
  • News With Nantucket’s Town Administrator | Plum TV
    Guest host Natalie Jacobson talks to Nantucket’s Town Administrator Libby Gibson about the latest news on the island, including the controversy surrounding the upcoming triathlon and the current condition of the roads out by Surfside.


  • Shipwreck in 1886 | Yesterday’s Island

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