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The Cellar

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Re-opening Thursday, April 5
Store Hours: 11am to 7pm.

Call or email Leslie with your Easter wine and cheese wishes!!

Capeside Comestibles

For those times when weather has you stranded on the Cape, or you need a shopping break, ex-islander Susan Fernald, now a Cape resident and lover of fine restaurants, sends us a dispatch from time to time.

Looking for a few good breakfasts?

What a great find is Perry’s . . . a good old fashioned breakfast, and it’s served ALL DAY! In addition to numerous choices on the standard menu, Perry’s has a daily board offering soup, several quiches, (all sell out quickly – they are that good) and omelets of the day. The numbered breakfast specials range from #1 (one egg with buttered toast for $2.25) to #12 (lox scramble, eggs, onions, bagel & cream cheese for $7.75). The most expensive is the Delmonico steak, 2 eggs home fries and toast for $8.50. The home fries are made right there with peppers and onions, and cooked with a bit of crunch . . my favorite.

I had a mushroom, onion and swiss cheese omelet with home fries and toast for $6.25, my friend Wendy had a zucchini and swiss omelet with home fries and toast for $5.25. The grits ($1.25), one of ten 10 sides to choose from, were perfect: slightly salty with lots of butter. The omelets were well sized, hot, with the both the filling and the outside cooked just right. If you can’t find what you want on the menu, you can create your own omelet, with about 20 ingredients to choose from. The ketchup is Heinz, if that is as important to you as it is to me.

Lunch looked good too. We were disappointed that all three quiche specials had sold out by noon, but they do open at 5 a.m. We saw the Mob Burger, served with mushrooms, onion and bacon, good fries and a pickle for $7.75.

Perry’s is also a bakery with breads, cakes, cupcakes, and their famous muffins.

The ambience is that of an old-fashioned no fuss breakfast place with a counter. The waitstaff is friendly, the service quick, and the kitchen in view for all to see.

546 Main Street
Hyannis 508-775-9711
5 a.m. – 3 p.m. every day
Breakfast * Lunch * Bakery * Take-out

Yack Nantucket

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Nantucket Appraisal

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Pub Night; Scalloper’s Ball

I’ve put up some all the photos from last year’s WNAN Pub Night, and the Scallop Ball. Here are a few samples. Go to Mahon About Town for more.




Opens Friday, March 23rd

The 70’s rock musical based on the
Gospel according to St. Matthew

Nantucket High School Music Department Production
with the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket

Nantucket High School Auditorium
March 23 & 24 at 7:30PM and March 25 at 2PM
Tickets $10 & $12 available at the door,
Nantucket Gourmet, or the NHS Office

More Details

Restaurant & Food News

Brian Glowacki will be running The Muse this summer, presumably until it sells, calling it “The Rip Nightclub at the Muse”. That’s their new logo to the left, at least for now. According to their myspace website, Brian will kick off the season “hopefully in the middle of April” with Freeballin’. Freeballin’s web page lists the Rip on their schedule for that date. All very interesting because the Muse currently holds no live entertainment license, and their next hearing is not until April 18 in front of the Board of Selectmen, and will not be granted unless the Muse is fully sound insulated. Also interesting because Freeballin’ has played the Chicken Box several times over the past year.

Brian is promising (caps are his) “TOP quality live music from local musicians, boston area bands and some BIG NAME national acts. Thursday night will be ladies night…which means no cover for chicks. Come out April 14th for our Grand Opening. Get Ripped up.. at THE RIP.”

Air Band will continue on Sunday nights starting Figawi weekend, and Brian’s promising events for the older crowd.

The Inquirer and Mirror reports that Ron and Colleen Suhanosky of Sfogliaa, along with a group of investors, have agreed to purchase Fahey & Fromagerie, and the shop is expected to be open by Wine Fest. The market will offer some dishes from Sfoglia’s Nantucket and New York menues, and packaged risottos, cheeses, bread, olive oil, etc.

And the New York Sfoglia continues to rack up the accolades. New York Magazine critics Gael Greene and Adam Platt have both named Sfoglia their favorite new restaurants. Greene wrote “whimsical country-cottage airs instantly disarming, its borrowings from Renaissance cookbooks both daring and delicious.” Platt wrote “The artful blend of quality, inventiveness, and down-home, farm fresh pulchritude is worth a special trip . . . “

Amber Cantella has left 21 Federal to take a position as the Food & Beverage Director at The Westmoor Club, joining Chef Peter Wallace.

American Seasons opens for the season on Thursday, April 5 – serving from 6 pm, closed Wednesdays. Open Easter Sunday from 3 to 7.

Bartlett’s Farm will be selling fruit and vegetables from the same produce wholesaler who supplies Whole Foods in New England during periods when farm grown product is not available. A deli counter with cold cuts and cheeses will open by April 1st 2007, in association with Thumann’s “The Deli Best”. Thumann’s meats are Gluten and MSG Free, with no preservatives, nitrites, nitrates, or antibiotics.

Swing Into Spring

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Vintage Nantucket T-shirts

Here’s an oral/visual tidbit, a bit of Nantucket history, and a challenge to readers. This feature is edited by Bo Overlock, a long time ‘Sconset resident, friend, and a collector of pop culture artifacts. Over to you Bo.

T-shirts have become America’s mobile billboards. They confirm where we travel, what rock bands we like, our politics, and where our children go to college. T-shirts are common now, but we want to show here shirts made before 1980. Many of these shirts are fun, simple, and made in limited numbers – sometimes as few as 2 dozen. They speak to friendship, small businesses, and your builder who cared enough to show up to do the work and drove with you to Marine Lumber to get supplies.

The challenge? You must have some great t-shirts in the bottom of your drawers. They may be worn out, or spattered with paint, but each is a great starting point for memories and stories. Take a picture of your not later than the 80’s shirt, add some comments . . . then send to the newsletter. It will be featured in an upcoming edition.